The Social Group

This group is for young adults between 18-23 who are struggling with social anxiety, difficulty making and maintaining friendships, bullying, exclusion, and general social awkwardness.
Twice a month we will go out on adventures throughout the city as a group. These adventures can include laser tag, axe throwing, boardgames, comedy shows etc. along with dinner. During these outings, I will be a social facilitator and emotional supporter to assist the group in their social and emotional wellbeing. After each outing, we will schedule an individual meeting to discuss the experience and how it can be used to develop your social wellbeing outside of the group.


History of The Social Group

For the past two years I have co-developed and co-facilitated a Social Group for neurodivergent teens and young adults struggling to "fit in" with a group of friends. I believe everyone deserves to experience social belonging.
Many social skill development groups for neurodivergent individuals cater to children and younger teenagers, often in clinical settings. Social challenges don't end after 18, many people still feel lonely, bullied, excluded, or at a loss for how to connect with others well into adulthood. In particular, the transition from high school to university can pose many unique challenges, especially to neurodivergent people.  
I am starting another group for 18-23 year olds who are struggling to make/ maintain friendships.

What to Expect


How do I join?

  • Fill out an application form or contact me by email 

  • We schedule a 20-30 minute phone conversation to get to know each other

  • You and I will schedule a regular therapy appointment (60 minutes - $150 with sliding scale. If you already have a therapist see the application form for more details.) 

When does this happen?

  • The Social Group will meet twice a month from October-June on Thursdays at 6-9pm.

Foggy Pier
Ducks Over the Lake

Group Structure

  • We will meet at a subway station or our destination. 

  • First we do an activity together like (laser tag, axe throwing, boardgames etc.) and then we will go out for a late dinner/snack. I've found it's easier to chat with people after doing something together!

  • Then we will schedule an individual appointment together to discuss your experience with the group and how to bring what you are learning to your social life. 

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