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Kalila Badali Therapy

M.Ed. Registered Psychotherapist 


I am a psychotherapist working in The Annex neighbourhood in Toronto. I can be contacted by my email:

Therapy is such a leap of faith. Good for you for considering it for yourself or for your teen. I hope I can offer you some support in navigating this complex mental health system and any related confusion or anxieties you may have. 

Check out my About Me page for more information. 

Kalila Badali M.Ed. RP 



Individual Therapy

I strive to tailor my therapeutic style to your needs. My focus is on building an honest relationship with you so that you are able to share your needs freely and so I can effectively support you in meeting your goals.
I work with adults and teenagers.


Brief and Long-Term Therapy

I offer both brief therapy, which typically consists of 6-12 sessions and long term therapy which could extend to years depending on what we determine is needed together.


Social Outings Group

The purpose of this group is to facilitate a sense of social belonging and develop social skills while enjoying fun activities in the city such as comedy shows, board game cafes, laser tag etc. Please contact me if you are a parent of a teen or young adult who is struggling with social anxiety, social skills development, bullying and/or social isolation and perhaps I can assist in the crucial experience of social belonging.


Urban Wilderness Sessions

If you are craving outdoor time, dislike sitting in a therapy office, and/or would like to fit exercise into your daily life, I offer therapy in the Evergreen Brickworks or The Leslie Spit (Tommy Thompson Park). Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about this option.


Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 10:30am-6:45pm 


Contact Me

Monday - Thursday at 875 Palmerston Ave.