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As a psychotherapist who works specifically with neurodivergent (Learning Disability, ADHD, Autism, Gifted +), LGBTQ2SAI+, and artists, I'm often asked for supportive resources related to these identities. Below you will find some I often provide my clients and some my clients have recommended to me!

Psychology Session
Child Psycholgist
Therapy Session

LGBTQ2SAI + Affirming and Supportive Resources

Mental Health Resources for Arts Workers

This section will take you to intake services and therapists I recommend neurodivergent people to when I am at capacity and cannot provide services. This can also be helpful if you are looking to help a friend or family member in need of therapy services. 

It is important once you understand yourself as a neurodivergent person to learn about the ways you can receive accommodation and disability support. 

It can be a challenge to know where to start when it comes to receiving a diagnosis. I'm hopeful these resources can point you in the right direction. I have provided both OHIP options and private options. 

Educational Media 

These are some of my favourite educators ranging from TikTok, Instagram to websites/blogs.

Other Therapy Services

Seeking Diagnosis 

If you are wondering whether you are neurodivergent and would like a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, LD, Bipolar, Generalized Anxiety, Depression etc. this section is for you. First thing you can do is speak with you General Health Practitioner (GP, Family doctor, walk-in clinic) and let them know you are wondering if you need a mental health assessment. I also recommend taking a look at these resources. Receiving a diagnosis can range in cost from $0-3000. It all depends on the resources you access and how quickly you need your diagnosis. Below I have listed some (of course not all) options. 

These are just a few psychologists I sometimes refer my clients to for a psychological assessment (for diagnosis)


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